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Ghana Most Beautiful 2017 Audition – Week 7 Eviction Night

Ghana Most beautiful 2017 audition week seven eviction was so painful for Talata, a representative of the Upper East Region of Ghana and Yaa, also a representative of the Ashanti Region of Ghana to be evicted from this year’s audition.

Earlier on, the Upper West Regional representative of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Numbu, and Greater Accra’s Ayeley have been evicted from the show. The two, although did not have a perfect display, impressed the audience and some judges.

Unfortunately, Talata and Yaa, from the Upper East and Ashanti region respectively faced the same ugly eviction. They were divorced from the rest of the girls, marking the end of the road for them in the nerve-racking but entertaining and educative reality show. They join Greater Accra and Upper West representatives already evicted from the 10-member contest.
Yaa staged a touching scenario of a perceived barren woman who endured humiliation, embarrassment, and maltreatment in the hands of her in-laws. When pushed to the wall, she blew the cover to shame her critics. It turns out that the husband was rather the cause of her barrenness. Talata did her best to demystify what many men fear when marriage is mentioned – high bride price. She took time to educate the audience about what the Frafras from her region takes as dowries, deflating the argument of cows for marriage.
But as if beaten by the rain, audiences at TV3 Studio B kept mum in absolute silence when the judges uncomfortably settled on the two. What an anti-climax to an electrifying event. Don’t be surprised, the rubrics of the game indicate that someone needs to be evicted till the winner is finally crowned. Well, we are also told to bow out when the applause is loud. Talata and Yaa should be proud they gave off their best and grew stronger and better as they exit the reality house. As usual, contestants won prizes in various categories
Each week of GMB2017 comes with exhilarating performances from the elegant ladies. Meet the six remaining contestants for another historic moment next week:

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